Hatch Cover

The Definition of Hatch Cover

Located in upper deck (or between deck) of cargo tank, the Hatch Cover covers the cargo tank and has the following functions.

It prevents influx of seawater and storm water.
As cargo can be loaded on the cover, it increases the cargo load.
It prevents the cargo being carried away out of the cargo tank.

< 선박 화물창의 상갑판 (또는 중갑판)에 만들어진 화물창을 폐쇄시키는 덮개로 다음과 같은 역할을 한다. >

화물창 내로 해수나 우수들의 유입을 차단한다.
덮개 위에도 화물을 적재할 수 있어서 적재량을 증가시킨다.
화물창 내의 화물이 밖으로 유출되는 것을 막아준다.

Hatch Cover Types

It will vary according to the type and size of vessel ships and we are Manufacturing the
Pontoon Type for Container Carriers and the Side Rolling Type for Bulk Carriers.

< 선박의 종류 및 크기에 따라 다르며, 당사는 Container Carrier용 Pontoon Type 및 Bluk Carrier용 Side Rolling Type을 제작하고있다. >

  • 01 Pontoon Type

    Hatch Cover has no opening function itself.
    It is opened by crane, which is installed in
    harbor and lifts the cover up.As it requires
    the use of harbor cranes, its cover has a
    weight limit and it is manufactured in the
    30Ton~40Ton range.
    < Hatch Cover 자체의 개패기능 장치가 없고 항만에 설치 되어 있는 크레인을 이용하여 개폐시킨다. 보통 30Ton~40Ton 중량으로 제작되고있다. >

  • 02 Rolling Type

    A Hatch Cover which is opened in line with the breadth of the ship is called a Side Rolling Type and that which is opened in line with the length of the ship is called an End Rolling Type. There are the Chain Drive method and Rack & Pinion method to drive the Hatch Cover.
    < 선박의 폭 방향으로 개폐되는 Hatch Cover를 Side Rolling Type 이라 하며, 배의 길이 방향으로 개폐되는 Hatch Cover를 End Rolling Type이라 한다. >

  • 03 The Rest

    There is the Single Pull Type (contains the covers after connecting several separated covers with chains or connecting rods and keeps them upright) used for small & medium ships and the Folding Type (contains the covers after folding at least two covers and keeps them upright).
    중소형 선에 주로 사용되는 Single Pull Type (여러개의 분활된 Cover를 체인이나 연결 봉으로 연결시켜 수직으로 세워 격납) 과 Folding Type (2개 이상의 Cover를 접어 수직으로 세워 격납)이 있다.

Characteristics of Manufacturing Hatch Covers

Precision is needed for Manufacturing

– Curvature (± 2mm)
– Horizontal level of Cover Top side (± 3mm)
– Horizontal level of Container Socket Top
(4ponit 중 3point ± 0, point ± 3mm)

The Hatch Cover requires its own production process line.
< 제작시 정밀도가 요구된다 >

– 뒤틀림 (± 2mm)
– Cover Top면 수평도 (± 3mm)
– Container Socket Top 수평도
(4ponit 중 3point ± 0, point ± 3mm)

< 전용생산 공정라인이 필요하다 >

Hatch Cover Manufacturing Process