Plant, Block

Definition of Block

It is similar to children’s Lego Blocks.
In order to complete a ship, numerous blocks are constructed and assembled together.
< Block란 어린아이들 레고Block를 생각하면 됩니다. 배 한척을 만들기위해 많은 Block가 만들어지고, 그 블럭들을 조립하여 배를 완성합니다. >

Block Production Method

01 Steel Placement

Steel materials are placed for separate production processes.

02 Steel Treatment

To remove the rust off the steel materials, they are preheated, shot blasted, painted, and dried before cutting.

03 Steel Cutting

Steel materials are computer programed to go under Gas Cutting – Plasma Cutting – Manual Cutting process

04 Assembling

Separate the cut materials into each level and assemble them to construct a whole block.

05 Additional Materials

Necessary gears are attached to each block for use.

06 Painting

Eco-friendly paints are used to prevent metal corrosion.